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How apprenticeships help build skills for the future

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As a young person you are often asked the dreaded question ‘what would you like to do when you grow up’ and the honest answer for many is ‘I don’t know’. Which is completely understandable as at the age of 16 how are you meant to be able to know what your future career is going to be when you still have to ask to go to the toilet at school. Additionally, with speculating figures that 85% of Jobs that will exist in 2030 haven't been invented yet (SaLemi, 2018), for any young person today the prospect of finding a forever career is becoming an ever more tedious task. 

With the increased government funding for apprenticeships this alternative route for young people is becoming progressively more popular. For instance, taking the company Multiverse that I am currently doing my Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship with, have just raised £32 million to help fuel the expansion of the company (Warrington, 2021). Additionally, Multiverse are also expanding to America, thus proving the global interest for apprenticeships. 

Of course I can only speak about apprenticeships from my own personal experience but I can definitely say that from starting my apprenticeship a last year in July 2020 that I have not looked back. I did not take the most conventional route to my apprenticeship as my dream job of being a chef, I soon realised was not my dream job after all from working in a Michelin Star restaurant. I focussed on the great transferable skills that I had and found my dream role at New Schools Network (NSN). The skills that I have gained from working here for only 8 months are invaluable from enhancing my confidence and communication skills to additionally providing opportunities that I never thought would be possible at school. Moreover, the support that I have received from both Multiverse and NSN has been exceptional and the advancements for my future career are looking very prosperous. 

From also speaking with my cohort of apprentices I can definitely say that they share this positive experience of their apprenticeship with me. As we are all at the start of our careers we can now build on our skills for the future and we have also increased our chances of employability from the work experience that we have gained, thus setting us apart from the cohort of university students.

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Annabel May
My name is Annabel May and I am currently working as a Level 3 Business Administration Apprentice at New Schools Network. In my spare time, I volunteer for a number of organisations including NSoA (The National Society of Apprentices), OBESSU (The Organising Bureau of European School Students Union), and Multiverse as an Outreach leader, to further raise awareness of the important social issues young people are facing today. I am currently launching a political campaign to lower the pension auto-enrolment age for apprentices and lower-paid workers, plus I also attended the NUS National Conference where a range of issues was discussed from sexual violence and relationship abuse to the cost of living and student housing. As a content planner with The Creating Change Podcast, I aim to diversify the issues talked about and promote action amongst young people, such as myself.